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Did you say Chai?


About 15 years ago Chai used to be the secret code word for ‘my day is pretty crappy lets get outa here’ between my friend and I when we used to work in the corporate world. Once this word was uttered we used to head to the tea room for our souls to be once restored with a hot mug of Chai loaded with honey. We drank Chai as much as we could. It was special and it was our saviour. It bonded us for life.

I have drunken many of cups of Chai in my day. You see I am surrounded by Chai lovers and quite frankly I wouldn’t have it any other way. So when I needed to design a Chai for Wildfire Organic Tea I took this responsibility very seriously. Why? Because I know how Chai can heal, how Chai can just put things right in an often crazy life. Chai lovers understand this. Chai Lovers depend on this.

We have chosen ginger, cardamom, star anise, clove and cinnamon as our spices for our Wild Chai with Ginger. These spices are warming, they are healing, packed full of health properties and they just sooth my soul. This spice mix is then blended with premium Ceylon beautiful black tea. We then have a special secret way we blend our Chai to help infuse the spices into your cup.

So when you read WE Love Chai, we do, no I mean we really do. Lots.

I hope that our Wild Chai with Ginger can become your secret word to help you get through your hectic day, help build life time friendships and warm and sooth your very soul like it has mine.

Much love


Owner and master blender ( and animal lover)

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