hand crafted by a Clinical Medical Herbalist
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Classic Tea Range

Our Classic Good Health Tea Range is developed by our founder & Clinical Medical Herbalist who just loves Tea and Herbal Tea blends!

Our Classic Good Health Tea Range is our vision to create the best contemporary Teas and Herbal Teas available in the Australian Tea Market.  We want you to know your Tea blender and Australian owned Tea Company 🙌🏼

We are here to make a change!

All our Teas are hand-blended in small batches and sourced ethically. We create direct farm to cup business partnerships when we can. All our Teas are 100 % Organic, a must when drinking Tea!

Our Teas are practically formulated by our founder & Clinical Herbalist, using principles from traditional Western Herbal Medicine, Ayurvedic, and Chinese Herbal Medicine.

 We strive to do our part to create a sustainable future supporting the health of the drinker, the farmer, the picker, and the planet. We are committed to making our world a better place.

All our Tea Boxes used here at Wildfire are made from 100% recycled unlaminated cardboard, printed in Australia, the interior is made by plants and is fully compostable. Totally Plastic Free.


Please enjoy- enjoy xx