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The Ginger Ninja

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The Ginger Ninja

75g 35 cups



Digestion. Calming. Balancing


A health tonic good for all things digestion.  This age-old plant medicine has been blended to assist and balance the mind and gut connection. Nurturing medicinal herbs that will have you feeling calm, held confident and energised


 Ingredients: Lemongrass, Ginger, Hops Flowers & Lemon Pieces

Flavour profile: Stimulating tastes of lemongrass and ginger, notes of the slightest of peppery tones with a light liquor


Brew Guide:

Hot: 1 tsp per cup                            Infusion Time: 5-15 mins 100 degrees

Iced: 1 tsp per cup                           Infusion Time: 12 hours cold water refrigerate


Suggestions: Add a sprig of rosemary or fresh lemon to your Iced Tea


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