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Peace Time

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Peace Time Tea

100g 35 cups



Relaxation. Heart Health. Liver Support


Peace Time is designed to help create a moment of inner calm. This medicinal tea allows us to stop, breathe and cultivate our own peaceful sanctuary. Perfect to sip on a lazy day and let your mind soothe, your body relax and daydream with wild imagination.

Ingredients: Rooibos, Cacao, Cinnamon, Red Rose Petals and Vanilla.

Flavour profile: Full-bodied earthy notes, subtle vanilla, and cinnamon and cacao undertones with a crimson liquor


Brew Guide

Hot: 1 tsp per cup                            Infusion Time: 5-7 mins 100 degrees.

Iced: 1 tsp per cup                           Infusion Time: 12 hours cold water.


Suggestions: Add steamed plant-based milk and make as a latte.


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