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CLEAR 10ml

Lime (Citrus aurantifolia), Grapefruit (Citrus paradisi), Orange (Citrus sinensis), 

Juniper Berry (Juniperus communis)

Clear is joyful but a matter of fact.

Detox. Lymphatics. Liver Support

Clear is so so FRESH. And puts a big happy smile on your face.

It has all the amazing lymphatic and detox Essential Oils.

And has a wonderful synergy of a bright clean citrusy aroma.  


Our curated Essential Oils are all hand blended and hand poured.

Stored in a stylish matt 10ml black bottle & packaged in a recyclable box. Too cute.

The perfect gift or to keep for yourself.



Add a few drops to your oil burner to enjoy this refreshing aroma.

Dilute in a carrier oil or floral water for topical application.

To be used externally


This oil is perfect to use in a Lymphatic & Detox Body Massage Oil.

We recommend a 2.5% dilution into a 100ml cold pressed vegetable carrier oil



Lymphatic & Detox Body Massage Oil

Our CLEAR massage oil recipe is to help remove body wastes and reduce lymphatic stagnancy. Good Lymph flow and a well working Lympthaictic system is an important part of good immune health


50ml Avacado Oil

50ml Apricot Kernal Oil

50 drops Clear Essential Oil



Measure out 50ml of Avacado and Apricot Kernal Oil into a bowl.

Add 50 drops of CLEAR Essential Oil. Agitate gently to mix.

Bottle in an airtight darkened jar.



Massage your CLEAR Lympathic & Detox Massage Oil to the body gently.

Apply a Lympathic Massage Style using gentle pressure and sweeping style motion.

Leave the oil on the body to absorb.

After your massage drink a glass of water to aid the process

 Enjoy xx

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